Robin Brous Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Robin Brous

My husband had a stroke in Feb 2019. His A1C was 10.4, blood pressure through the roof and cholesterol was 800. We spent 3 weeks at a rehab facility where they were giving him 60 gr of carbs per meal. This was the recommendation for type 2 diabetes. He was getting 2 long-lasting shots of Fat Storing Hormone per day and then 3 shots throughout the day. This was unacceptable to me. I started watching your videos and reading everything I could find. I monitored his "tray" at mealtime and he had 20 carbs per meal. by the time we left, (only 3 weeks) he was off Fat Storing Hormone and was taking 1 Glipizide per day. In May, his Dr checked his A1C, it was 5.2! The Dr couldn't believe it. He no longer takes medicine for diabetes and just monitors his eating. He was on 3 blood pressure medications and we are down to 2. We will continue our progress and no doubt will succeed! Thank you so much for the videos, they probably saved his life or at the very least, the quality!! Forever thankful!

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