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By: Kyle Balombin

My grandfather, 88 years old, was taken to hospital They said he is in early stages of critical heart failure. He had Nausea, fatigue, chills, brief period of delerium and some vomiting, swollen calves, esophagus would not allow food into stomach, no appetite, trouble breathing(especially at night). He was also on the standard diuretics for high blood pressure. And had taken beta blockers for about 2 days before getting very sick. He had eaten oats in the morning, a bit of coffee, and at night had a pancake with syrup. 2-3 hours later he vomits, Hour after that he goes to hospital. He got slowly better, went for follow up appointment 2 days later. Results of Blood Test showed high potassium. I asked which potassium test was done(inside cell or outside cell). It was outside cell. Went home, double checked videos I watched over the last 6 months. Matched up his symptoms and deduced it was a salt deficiency. He wasn't able to eat the Sea Salt on it's own so I gave him 1/4 cup of broccoli with olive oil heated in pan for about 2 min. Added pepper, and of course Sea Salt. 15 min later he felt much better. 4 days later went for followup appointment. All symptoms lessened. Some kidney problems. They told me his sodium levels showed normal which I found to be odd. Currently trying to look up information on the sodium tests and see if they are missing something like they typically do with the potassium tests. Question: is there discrepancies with sodium tests? Did he slowly get better because the body leached it from other parts of the body? I have finally convinced him to stick to a the Keto Diet instead of going for Bread, Potatoes, and oats. ...old people don't like giving up the staples they have eaten their entire life. But due to being sick he is doing it.

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