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My dream is to meet or speak to Dr. Berg - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Beth Leggate

My dream is to meet or speak to Dr. Berg. Please, he changed my life so much in such a short time and I want to thank him. Gah! Well hello size 12. ????Nice to see yah. It's been a long time????....seriously. I think I was 12 years old the last time I was a 12. Life has changed dramatically since I found the joys of eating fat and fasting with purpose. 5.5 months!!! My life has changed in under 6 months. Dr. Berg has done so many amazing videos covering just about every topic imagineable. Don't ever put off what you can do today! Thank you all!! Over 100lbs down since January 21 of this year! And so many health benefits. Blood pressure from 250/190 to 128/89 Skin: from sweaty scaly eczema to smooth youthful skin with no peeling PCOS: Fat Storing Hormone resistance and numerous symptoms to active monthly cycles and only 1 main symptom remaining. Sleep: 4 hours with sleep apnea and horrible snoring and 3 am insomnia to a solid 8 hours with zero snoring. So many more positives!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Berg. I hope to one day thank you in person. God bless! Beth

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