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My 100 Days Shocking Results -- Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto and IM 67 pounds transformation

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My name is Dominique Henrie, I am 46 years old and live in Utah. I have been struggling with my weight for over 17 years. After turning 40, I thought this is it. I will never be able to lose this kind of weight. But on April 4th, 2021 here I was 46 years old, 5.8, 230 pounds, and miserable. About this time, I started to lose a lot of hair, had bone spurs that made my body and hips ache, and felt constantly tired and exhausted but kept on pushing myself, kept on smiling, and ran my life on sugar. On that day, I listened to an inspiring message that said that with faith we can move our mountains of misery. Something happened at that moment that made me pause and say to myself, "I can move this mountain of misery (AKA sugar addiction and excess weight)". The very next day, on April 5th, 2021, I started my sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free journey, weighing in at 230 pounds (but at my highest, I was well over 240 so I calculated my weight loss from 240 pounds to be more realistic.) I have had a rather athletic build all my life due to gymnastics, soccer, and ballroom dance but added a lot of fluff in the midsection, around my hips, and really everywhere since my first pregnancy over 17 years ago. I felt like I was trying so hard to work out and do my best to find something that would work to finally get all of this unhealthy weight off. I did diet after diet and even participated in a GotToTri triathlon with friends. All to no avail. I would yo-yo up and down and nothing seemed to help anymore. I desperately wanted this time to be different. After about a month on a no sugar, no gluten, and no dairy diet and after the initial sugar withdrawal period, I had lost 18 pounds and felt great! But in my mind, I was not moving my mountains. I had been able to lose 20 pounds in the past but gained 40 pounds back quickly and I could tell I was about to do the same. So I did more research on my specific health issues and needs. This is when I discovered Dr. Berg! While researching Candida's diets and Thyroid issues his YouTube videos kept coming up and I started to watch them. Everything he said about Candida and Thyroid issues and how to combat them made sense and seemed doable to me. I took Dr. Berg’s evaluation quiz and signed up for his emails and information on May 3rd and added the intermittent fasting and his healthy keto diet program to my already sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free diet. The results were stunning!!! From May 3rd to June 6th I lost an additional 29 pounds and people started to notice. By the end of my 100 Days on July 13th, I had lost an amazing 67 pounds without hitting any plateaus and while dropping several dress sizes!!! Best of all, I feel extremely healthy and more confident! I even started a 100DaysOfNoSugarChallenge Facebook group where I share my weight loss success, thanks to Dr. Berg, with close friends who want to start another 100-day healthy keto challenge with me. How do I feel now? My previous aches and pains due to bone spurs and hip problems are gone, my hair is growing back healthier and my fingernails are growing stronger than ever before. I have so much more energy, clarity of mind and feel younger in general. Adding the intermittent fasting and more healthy vegetables to my diet made all the difference as evidenced by my rapid weight loss once I started Dr. Berg's healthy keto and IF plan (some weeks I lost 1 pound a day!). I started by skipping breakfast and eating a healthy lunch with eggs and bacon on a bed of cucumbers and zucchini topped with a homemade avocado, hummus, mustard sauce. By allowing myself a 5-hour eating window I was still able to eat my two meals with my family which was very important to me. Best of all. I did not have to make any significant changes to my workout routine. I continued to go walking with a friend for about 4 miles 5 times a week, biked about 16 miles 2 times a week, and did relaxing Pilates workouts once in a while. Because I feel so much better and have more energy now, I recently started to add jogging, weight training, and short HIT workouts to my routine as well. The only mistake I made on healthy keto was not to add Dr. Berg's advanced digestive formula to my diet, sooner. Ever since my gallbladder was removed years ago I have had poor digestion. I have learned that by adding Dr. Berg's advanced digestive formula and his recommended PRO EM1 (Liquid Probiotic Supplement) I can improve my digestion tremendously! If I could offer some pieces of advice to someone starting their healthy keto journey, I would say, "Take that leap of faith and start today to "move your mountain." Stay the course! The results will shock you! If I can lose 67 pounds in 100 days on Dr. Berg's healthy keto without hitting any plateau, so can you! Just like Dr. Berg said, "It starts with your health" the pounds will fall off once you are healthy. This has been the most amazing 100-day weight loss journey I have ever been on. I am so grateful I found Dr. Berg just in time and for the tools he provided. It has changed my life and I can't wait to help others and share my story with the world!!!

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4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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