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Most recent check at August 31st I lost 33.5lbs (-0.40lbs/day)

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By: Joe B.

So, I wanted to test out what Dr. Berg has been sharing to validate for myself that what he is saying can actually work in regards to losing weight and in turn, becoming more healthy overall. I’m a 43-year-old man and like most men over 40, discovered it was becoming very difficult to maintain my weight and resist all the temptations we have around us regarding sugary, high-calorie foods. Before I knew it, I was the largest I’ve ever been weight-wise in my life, really lazy and tired all the time, didn’t fit any of my clothes and I was going downhill from there. Time for a change. So on June 9th, 2017, at my heaviest weight of 200lbs, I decided to try this Ketogenic Diet thing with intermittent fasting. Wanted to ensure the results were clear and definitive so I also didn’t exercise. I did determine using Dr. Berg’s body type quiz that I am a Liver Body Type, so I also fixed my portions to work with his recommendations. Well, the results were unexpected, to say the least. By June 24th I had lost 11lbs (-0.73lbs/day), by August 6th lost 25.2lbs (-0.43lbs/day), and my most recent check at August 31st I lost 33.5lbs (-0.40lbs/day). I took my photos and weight at the same time each day (as you can see my Bed Head) and I now weigh only 166.5 lbs. This thing works and I feel absolutely unbelievable with tones of energy and discovered a very positive side effect. I have a rare blood disorder called ‘Sideroblastic Anemia’ which in layman’s terms means my body retains excess Iron to the point where if concentrations get too high, my organs can become coated and start shutting down. The only way to combat this up to this point was to periodically go in and take blood out of my system, which would dilute the iron. Well, my blood test done on July 21st came back with very interesting results. My Ferritin level, which is normally in the range of 250-360 ng/mL, was 179 ng/ml, and my iron Saturation Percentage which has been as high as 64% was 27%. I’ve never had numbers this low in my life. The only thing I did was a change to the Ketogenic Diet and intermittent fasting and nothing else. So to ensure this wasn’t some strange one-off result, I didn’t change anything else and just had another blood test Friday, September 1st. These results can take up to 7 days to get back, but I’m really excited to see if this was truly a solution for my medical issue.

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