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Me and my husband started almost 6 weeks ago on the Keto lifestyle and in spite of having done weekend hikes in snow we have never cheated once! There is no need we feel fulfilled happy and finally our bellies are shrinking. I have tried every diet under the sun and have had eating disorders my whole life. At one point I was eating 5 bars of chocolate a day!!!! I stood up in the morning thinking food and went to bed with planning next meals, worrying about how many calories I had too much that day , feeling forever fat and unattractive!! The key difference with this lifestyle as I call it on purpose is that I am not waiting till my time is up and I can eat all kinds of crap again. I honestly do not want any of it and crave big salads and bottles of water!!! It’s unbelievable for me and if you had told me even a few months ago that I would lose two sizes in 6 weeks without even focusing on the weight loss I would have laughed!! I have always loved exercise but after my back surgery a few years ago and being much heavier then I used to be, I was not very happy to be seen in exercise clothes. Also the extra weight made my back pain worse. Now is do a big hike once a week and about 5 hours of dancing, walking and pilates and loving it! I am accepting my body as it is and because I care , I feed it healthy which means I feel even better!! I am even weaning if my anti depressants after 8 years under the guidance of my phsychiatrist . I can carry on and on how much you have done for me but I am sure you have to read though thousands of messages so let me just end of my saying a big thanks from the bottom of my heart ! Warmest regards Janneke from Cape Town South Africa

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