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Tibor Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Tibor

Lost 20kg body weight within about a year (actually, within 6 months, but with a set-back in between due to 4 weeks vacation), reduced BMI from 30 to under 25, and improved body-fat percentage from 30% down to 19%. Using a combination of alternate day fasting (42h fasting, Mon, Wed, Fri fasting) and ketogenic diet (lunch and dinner) on the other days, with occasional exceptions (social events, company trips, a 4-week holiday period in May). Also started since 3 years 1-2/week fitness courses. See 1 year chart with start and end-points :) I noticed that body weight loss almost stopped, but continuing to lose body fat and gain lean/muscle mass :) Very happy about the result. Thank you for your videos. BTW: doing this together with my wife, she has similar impressive results.

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