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By: Victor T.

Back in 7/2016, I was 319 lbs and diagnosed with T2 Diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, chronic sleep apnea, fatty liver, and an enlarged heart (due to many years of not getting enough quality sleep). My Dr at the time told me I was a walking ticking time bomb and that my only saving grace was my age (27 then). My glucose was 317, Triglycerides 1,357 cholesterol 245 (HDL 27, LDL 271), and HGBA1C 12. They had me follow the typical diet (SAD) and wanted me to start 4 statins (metformin, Lipitor, losartan, and invokana). Dr told me that T2 diabetes is a progressive disease and there's no cure but to not worry as everyone who has T2 diabetes is taking these meds!! I was emotionally destroyed and felt like giving up as I felt that there was nothing else that can be done. I have a fiancee and 3 kids so I couldn't give up since we are getting married on 10/2017 and I need to be there for my family. My uncle has been following a ketogenic lifestyle for about a year at that time and he was trying to get me on board for a while but I wasn't ready at the time to go on a "diet" especially when I have to eat more fat. I don't believe in taking pills so I did not pick up any of the meds the Dr prescribed and just started to follow the SAD to see if that alone would help. IT DIDN'T!! This woke me up and realized that I had to make a change, so I talked to my uncle and he gave me all the info so I can research Keto (Dr. Berg's YouTube videos, low carb down under, etc). I decided to start Keto 1/1/2017, following the 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs and sticking at 20g carbs total/day. We are now 6/2017 and I am blessed to say that I have lost 124 lbs (I'm now 194.6 lbs), reversed Type 2 diabetes, improved all other health markers to normal ranges (no more high cholesterol, bp, sleep SOOO much better, and no more fatty liver. I am so well versed on Keto that I'm trying to convince everyone to go Keto. My results speak for themselves. My current blood work shows - A1C 5.4 -Triglycerides 110 -fasting glucose 71 -ketones 2+ Keto has saved my life and this is my new lifestyle! I will stay on Keto until the very end! Thank you Dr. Berg for promoting Keto (LCHF) as this is the solution to overall good health! My Dr. is working with me to come off this medication as I do Dr. Berg's eating plan Thanks! Victor Torres.

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