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Losing weight from 103 kg to 83 kg in 7 months

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I was so depressed after my result of blood test from the laboratory all , ldl,hdl, cholesterol , triglycerides all are on higher edge except i dont know ldl or hdl one is high one is low the good one was low and the bad one is high Also suger fasting was high So dr asked me to do diet and change food as life style and reduce bread and rice So i started reading about diet i found that eating checken , meat is better for me and for burning fat and keep burning process ive read that you have to keep eating so ive seen cabage , lettuce, cucumber best as they are green And iam taking dinner only and whole the day only taking coffe , tea, lemon with water also ive read about apple cider viniger tjat was big move in my wight loss also iam doing everyday morning on empty stomach one hour jogging Yes by the way iam eating on dinner every day half chicken and 2-3 full boiled eggs or steak with 2-3 eggs whole that period around 7 months but i feel once ive started apple cider viniger morning and before dinner also before going to bed much more better no gases no abdominal pain nothing that i was feeling before but i didnt take picture before for me but have a picture where iam working , you can see diffrence in face Afterthat i discovered your channel and intermittent fasting and i choosed omad and fasting 24 hrs and eating meat, chicken , salad , fish , beans same as before without eating every 3-4 hrs which is frustrating and ive reduced since ive started till now from 103 kg till 83 kg and iam looking for 80 or 79 And i feel much more powerfull with intermittent fasting and iam 44 but i feel iam 20 years younger i can do anything also i was having pain on my knee can go upstairs with pain now i can jump stairs after losing that weight And this intermittent fasting will be my lifestyle no breaking for this , i love this fasting that blows life inside my body

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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