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By: Udit Gupta

Dear Dr. Berg I recently saw one of your videos to submit our success stories. I thought to send it to you in detail. A bit about me: I am a 28-year-old male from India, recently happily married, who loves food, travel, and be healthy. I always had a sweet tooth and felt it's a thing of mine. I have always been chubby (we call it being on the "healthier side" in India) since puberty. However 5 years back, when I was 23, my weight increased to 97Kg. Numerous gym memberships spread over many years then and before, I got to 91Kg. Not understanding the core concept of fixing our bodies always meant my weight got back to where it was and my lowest point was in last September when I got to 103Kg. However, having a pharmacy major helped me as I was always inclined to learn more. And then I met your videos. How your videos have changed my life: Dr. Berg, your videos have CHANGED my life. For the first time after puberty, I am sleeping happily like a child, breathing better, seeing things clearly, and thinking better. Sometimes you don't' realize you have a problem until you try healthy living. And when you see the results you realize that maybe you were not living healthily before. Now I weigh 87Kg which is still about 10Kg more where I would want to be but I feel so much better I can't describe it in words. For the first time, I know that I will not gain lost weight because what I am eating and how I am living makes so much sense. What I did: I learned about the ketogenic diet from a friend at the gym where I was told to eat only 20g of veggies through the day as veggies are carbohydrates. However, the "ketogenic diet" was the only thing I picked up from him. Then after watching your videos I realized the bandwidth of those quantities of carbs that I am "allowed" to eat a day on a ketogenic diet and ALSO THE TRUE DEFINITION of a ketogenic diet. Through you, I learned about the importance of fixing Fat Storing Hormone first and not focusing on calories (which differentiates a person from losing weight temporarily to fixing issues permanently), the importance of potassium, the role of apple cider vinegar in fixing your health, the importance of fats to keep you from starvation, the importance of intermittent fasting and HIIT. And I do have lived and improved my life for the past seven months based on these teachings. From you, I also learned about long, slow walks and improved my adrenals through ashwagandha and your massage tool practices. (These are all picked from you - Yes, your videos are this interesting that viewers can remember all of them) I have purchased your pack of three wheatgrass juice powders and I take that as a "pre-work-out" meal (I know you think this pre-work-out term is marketed by supplement companies but this wheatgrass is the real pre work out or post as well. It's just that good) My biggest achievement: It's about 40 degrees Celsius in India and I am unable to go to the gym for a month due to the excessive heat. Also, I have been eating some carbs. However, I am sticking to 300g a day of greens (kale, arugula, broccoli, 4 lemons) and I have not gained any fatback. I do see some glycogens but whenever I fast or work too much, I see my body again kind of shrinking back. This has NEVER happened that in my life that after a month of eating carbs, I do not gain any fat. Also, fun fact: I no longer feel the need for sugar in my life, be it the ketogenic or non-ketogenic state that I am in. So I realize now I am no longer a sweet tooth and never was - Just needed to fix my health. (So what does this mean? Are people really who they think they are or just unhealthy!!! Also - do girls love chocolates? Or do they just enjoy the cocaine-like high they get from eating all that sugar in those chocolates? Makes you think!) I am attaching my before and after pictures and will do so once again when I reach my target weight. For now, I want to thank you once again from me and my whole family for making us healthy and I hope to always keep seeing your videos. Kudos to you! Udit Gupta.

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