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Gail Figgins Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Gail Figgins

Last 5weeks of pregnancy ended in c-section due to hypertension and baby not getting oxygen in-vitro. I was 5'5, weighed 172lbs and 42 years old. Was receiving progesterone shots to avoid early labor which did not work since she was the earliest of all of my 5 daughters and resulted in most complications to recover from. Post surgery I received pain meds and many arrays of blood pressure meds. None worked to reduce blood pressure. While on them I suffered shortness of breath, nagging cough, plural effusion, clinically confirmed low potassium, fatigue, swelling legs and fingers, weight stalled at 161lbs, bathroom trips throughout the night, blood pressure range from 180/110-224/117 on day to day basis since 2010 when I was discharged from hospital with handful of prescriptions for diuretics and BP meds. I was terrified and cautioned about stroke, I've never had health issue, never smoke, drank, or other substances and normally weigh 142lbs. Doing better now that i closely monitor everything that my being encounters that could impact my health and after learning through Dr. Berg about how the right foods can function for well being and good health. My BP is 140/80, my weight I have not measured recently but my visceral baggage is shrinking and most importantly my BP readings! I've gravitated away from sugar, incorporate kale/spinach smoothies with Chia, i eat very little meat, more avocados, good oils to consume, d3/k2, plant based multivitamin and no more coffee since it gives me migraines now. I also do exercise 2xs per week. Thank You Dr. Berg!

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