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By: Scott

Keto fat loss. With your education.. paired with dedication, I was able to take off real fat for the first time in a long time. I started a challenge at the beginning of the year weighing in at 195.8, fasted to started.. urinated out and officially posted a start weight pic of 193.8.. 12 week program. I was off and running, however fell out of touch and no motivation to workout or eat what I thought was exceptable for real transformation. about 6 weeks into the challenge.. i had noticed a coworker doing keto and seeing his results in his initial 2 weeks of being on it.. inspired me to give keto a try. 6 weeks later, on mostly just Keto lifestyle - 20 carbs average or less.. with very few days over that number... i had acheived a true 10lbs weight loss ( just in the 2nd half 6 weeks of challenge). I currently weigh in at 184lbs. Keto has been a game changer and now i belive has become a steady state way of nutrition for me. I have never felt better, physically or mentally. sustained energy.. no 40yr old something fatigue.. excited about the potential future. Thank you for your insight. along with your site and a few others.. this process of what is right and wrong has been easy to identify! Thank you ! Now on to 175lbs and trim and fit !

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