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By: Deborah Alexander

Just starting. Very fat and lots of problems sleeping. This is a great pic of just my face. If you look at that Jabba The Hut face and chin you can see some of the reasons why I can't breath at night. My main complaint is breathing through my nose at night. Of course I have high blood pressure. It reaches levels of 255/144. A walking and sleeping death sentence. I saw one of your videos while searching for ways to getting rid of arm fat. Then you came on with body type info. I can go on forever with my story but mainly I just want to say I like what I hear from you. Just an idea. Maybe have a forum of people that follow your method of keto. I realize that I am my only true mentor but it would be nice to have a support group in loosing fat on your form of keto. I will try to get a full length pic of me. Later and thanks for all your wisdom, Deborah Alexander And sorry I don't have Skype.

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