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Kathleen Dexter Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Kathleen Dexter

June 2016: Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus; prescribed Metformin; doctor demanded I begin that day. He further insisted that I return the following day for GTT and other labs to determine units of Fat Storing Hormone I would require. Returned home to weep uncontrollably. Hopped online to research. ‘Found Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s TEDTalk. With family support, purged all sugar and sources of carbs from household (donated to local homeless shelter...took three trips) and began the “empty pantry, full freezer/‘fridge”. Four months later: 40 pounds lost. A1C dropped from 9.1 to 5.0. Full reversal. April 16, 2017, we found a non-moving, hard and painful lump in my right breast. April 17, 2017, needlecore biopsy performed. ‘Glad I have high pain-tolerance but that was horrific, but not the worst pain I would endure...yet. April 18, 2017, phone call from family physician confirming breast cancer. Immediately contacted my insurance company and requested a list of physicians. Began my online research and compared education, years of experience and resources of various “local” physicians. Researched the doctors as much as the internet would allow. Met with wonderful staff at the Mount Vernon, Washington Cancer Care Center of America. My oncology team of endocrine oncologist, radiation oncologist and oncology surgeon were all explempary. After first PET (Positron Emission Tomography), cancerous cells located. Classified as HER2+ Stage 3, Class C Inductcal Carcinoma with Metastases to my lymphatic system. I actually met my surgeon before my chemotherapy oncologist as my need for my subclavian port placement was immediate. I had it surgically placed only a couple of days later. ‘Met my oncologist who advised, “I’m very glad to be signing off on curative treatment instead of palliative care” as my diagnosis was on the cusp of terminal. Prescribed six (6) rounds of chemotherapy infusions (Herceptin, Paclitaxel and Pertuzamabab). Prescribed thirty-three (33) rounds of radiation therapy. Prescribed a prophylactic DMX (bilateral mastectomy) as well as lymphnoidectomy/dissection. I suffered. The word: “Neulasta” fills my heart with dread. I was ignorant of just how horrible the pain would be. It’s indescribable. However, I stayed as strict with Keto as I could but I really should have done better. I should have slept more, drank more, and eaten more iron-rich foods, but I did well none-the-less. After four (4) rounds of chemotherapy, I had 100% response. On November 17, 2017, after my DMX was performed, my surgeon called me the following morning. He broke down a bit, choking up as he read the pathology report. He advised all of the lymph nodes as well as the TWO (2) cancerous tumors he’d found in my right breast were dead. “Scar Tissue”. I had killed my Stage 3 breast cancer with only four rounds of chemo and the Keto Diet. After the DMX, I developed a seroma on my left breast that required debridement. I was instructed to follow up for six weeks with the Wound Care Clinic across the hospital campus. I walked in two weeks after the seroma removal to be seen. The packing was removed and the RN stared at me, reviewed the chart notes and stared at me again. He brought in the PA and the Wound Care Clinic Director, who’d brought in a ‘Wound Vac” system and materials to explain its use. They all looked at my wound and the PA said, “you have perfect granulation, are free of any infection and you must consume a lot of protein”. None of them had heard about the Ketogenic Diet. My husband and I began to tag-team each other explaining what we knew of the Ketogenic Diet’s origins, purpose(s) and how we’ve integrated it into our lives. The director left with the device saying, “you have no need for this machine”. Before he left, I asked him...point-blank...”how many of your patients are diabetic?” His response, “99%.” Diabetics don’t heal. My 4” x 3” wound was healed in less than six (6) weeks. I underwent 28 rounds of radiation as a further prophylactic measure but received an apologetic call from my radiation oncologist who said I should have been stopped at only twenty but she’d been on vacation and unable to review my DMX pathology report. She stopped my therapy immediately. Afterward, I contacted the hospital’s dietitian, as I had been extremely frustrated by my level of care immediately following my DMX. 1.) I was given lactated ringers and glucose drip in my left hand (IV) 2.) The phelbotomist took my sample from my left hand. 3.) The floor nurse brought me a tray of foods ranging from pudding to toast with jam to ice cream as the cafeteria had closed (foods available on the floor). 4.) The first doctor insisted I was diabetic and required Fat Storing Hormone immediately. 5.) The second doctor was angry that I refused to eat. 6.) The third doctor said I needed a sugar-free diet of low-fat food, breads and pastas. 7.) I was starved for nearly 33 hours before I was spotted getting dressed and beginning to gather my possessions prior to leaving the hospital. When I explained all that went on to her, she listened to my story about how I could prove the Keto Diet helped me save my own life. She gives regularly sponsored seminars at the hospital to train laypersons with diabetes about managing their blood sugar levels with low-fat, high-carb foods. She called me a zealot...a well-meaning zealot and no one would listen to my emotional story nor waste their time watching YouTube videos. When asked, I gave her 24 hours of access to my medical records for her review. She called me back about two weeks later and asked more questions. I repeated everything she’d already heard. She called me after another couple of weeks to relate that she was utterly helpless to change anything. The cafeteria is run by the lowest-bidding contractor. “It’s about the hospital’s bottom line.” She told me that she’d just met with an extremely obese diabetic patient and had, surreptitiously, mentioned the Keto Diet but that she could not endorse it nor provide any educational materials as well as denying any knowledge of it should the patient confer with another dietitian or medical staff member. She thanked me for contacting her. So, I began my own YouTube channel called “Easy Keto Fighting Disease” to show how I cook for myself and my family. December end of 2017, I was prescribed Tamoxifen for ten (10) years. I would stop the Herceptin infusions in July 2018. My port was removed last month (September 2018). I now await both surgery to correct a life-long probated left ankle but to lose another 40 pounds before my reconstruction surgeon will perform my DIEP procedure. My husband is on this journey to prevent Alzheimer’s (his mother passed from complications of both dementia and Alzheimer’s) as well as cancer (his father passed recently due to an aggressive and terminal glioblastoma). I want nothing from anyone. I just want to help others. I will not be “blogging” or “vlogging” or anything else. I have my FB wall as well as being a member of the FB group: “Low Carb Inspirations Plus Keto Recipes” but that’s it. I just want people to learn more about it. I hope this helps someone...anyone...in never receiving that call from their doctor. Thank you for your time. Mrs. Kathleen Dexter P. O. Box 62 Marblemount, WA 98267

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