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Korel Varga Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Korel Varga

It works actually! I was one of those guys that thought fasting is BS and tried to lose weight only with excercising... So, here is how I lost 17-18 kilos in about 7-8 months.... without doing much actually. Im 1, 83 m tall, weighed 94 kilos when i started, now Im at 76 kilos! ( 1 kilo = 2,2 pounds) So at first I started excercising, mostly jogging 2-3 times per week and I started losing weight of course. At that time I didnt really looked at the food, was basically eating the same things that I ate before, but maybe a little less of it. And in about 5 months I lost 7 kilos, but it stopped there, somehow I couldnt lose anymore weight. So then I did some research and saw this "intermittent fasting". A guy ( I think it was some professor) explained that the human body doesnt really need 3 meals per day.... somehow I never questioned that nonsense before, saw it as a natural law.... anyway, 2 and a half months ago I started this, first with 16-8, then after a week 18-6 and then next week with 20-4. The msot surprising thing to me was jsut how easy it was to do it. I had never imagined I could do even 16-8 before I started, now I do 20-4 without any problems. Of course Im talking strictly about food, because I drink water or tea(without sugar) during those 20 hours. In fact you SHOUD do it, to help your metabolism. And while fasting I lost about 6 kilos in the first month and still continue to lose weight. While fasting I also excercise, I ride my bicycle two times per week and also do a bit of bodybuilding. SO in fact I might have burned even more fat, it just doesnt show because I have more muscles now and they weigh more than fat does. So thats my story. I can honestly say it works and you should try it. But start slow and do it how it works best for YOU.?

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