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By: Kamrin / Jared Ortiz

It was Oct 2016 My son Kamrin had been at the doctors many times for trouble breathing and performing his Saxophone The doctors not finding any issues. And with Diabetes on both side of his parents family history His Grandmother passing from Diabetes complication and my Aunt Passing from Same. Just the year pryor. The doctors just feeding him numerous medicines with bad-bad side effects As an up and coming musican his breathing Is very vital to his performance and gettin the crowd excited when he is blowing out the sax Notes!! He decided to do research on what can we do to change the way we live and better health Maybe then the need for his medicines wouldnt be so worry some about the side effects or even the use He jumped on youtube and stumbled across a Video for Dr.Berg living better and healthier!!!!! Cause he was bloated from the morning bad food had him upset still at noon The video was Eating Bacon and loose weight Nov 2016 he was really getting n2 the information and suggesting Maybe we start by eating better and just that would help the way we live. From age 10 Kamrin had been over weight n school and still now graduated and growing still over weight and doing the Fast food procecced foods and eating.jimk food He came to me and said Dr.Berg has videos about how to live and eat better We would need to look at what we buy like organic everything and Cut out fast foood and eat more veggies!! Late Dec I was out of a relationship and not happy with myself and wanting to know What this food he was havin me buy and He was makin fabulous meals and had already lost over 15lbs in about a month of following Dr.Berg Jan 2017 that was my start upset at a gym membership and still not really eating all the foods he was making I decided im going to join his mission I was 315lbs And Kamrin had already lost over 25lbs!! Wow Kamrin was watching Dr.Berg videos and they were and still are watching them 3-4-5 times So informative all our answers Even if we tried to explain the Keto diet way of life or even the Fasting Parents and some family and friends completly negative about it We moved on and if someone said What about this or where is more Protien All his videos had the answers Moving from 3 meals a day to 2 was relitivly easy Eggs and tons of bacon and avacados and A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar before we eat!! The food was more expensive and harder to find My middle daughter in Colorado had told us about a store that was mostly health and organic everything they could stuff in a store Sprouts Farmers Market There was one about 10mn away from us Game on!!!! People coming to Kamrin listening to him and watching him get healthier and Loosing weight and wow These organic meals and tons of Veggies Amazing Finding Dr Berg tips and solutions along our way and then watching his wife make meals and deserts They even started selling Ice Cream!! The weight started falling off wow And i was eating everything he could create and Amazon ingrediants if the stores didnt sell By June, Kamrins 20th birthday and him performing in Europe n n May he was astoundly down over 50lbs Sept 2017 about 20ish pounds a month Im turning 50 and down 100 Wow Not exercising or doin any silly shit Just eating right and one time a day Maybe bone broth drink or milk in coffee if i needed it Feb 2018 down 140 Still doin great eating right Not really counting carbs Family and friends wondering what we are doin Kamrin has us on Keto diet and Eating everything Organic that we can find Its been a few months Still holding firm at 140 still more to loose and watching Dr.Berg videos after Kamrin watches them tell me what he has learned And Many friends now following Kamrin and Dr.Berg and the way we live Thank you Dr.Berg and your wife and staff for helping Kamrin and I acheive such great new Lifestyle

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