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By: Charlie Lorentsen

It was a year and a half ago that I feel upon the ketogenic (keto) way of eating. It was then that my journey to greater health and happiness began. I was always to tired, hungry, bloated, and emotionally disregulated. For two months I avidly reseached keto. I read so many keto success stories and of all the benefits such as energy, mental clarity, and the speedy weight loss and I knew I had to do it and give it my all. I am now 50 lbs down from the 185 lbs my 5'4" body was carrying. I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food and have energy I only dreamed about 1.5 years ago. I sleep soundly at night, opposed to horribly broken sleep I endured pre-keto. I have gained a sense of control over my emotions and discovered self-confidence. With the confidence, energy, and mental clarity I've was blessed with from keto I even took the plunge and enrolled into college to pursue a degree in psychology. The ketogenic "diet" has now became a way of life for me, as I don't ever want to go back and feel the way I did before. The ketogenic "way of eating" has changed my life for the better in all aspects and I am incredibly grateful I feel upon it.

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