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By: Nikolaos

It's my first Ironman. I've been on keto since last November, lost 15kg and am now at 10,9% body fat! You can see my transformation in the photos attached! Keto and intermittent fasting (I do one meal a day) have been phenomenal for my training! But now, everybody and I mean everybody (training buddies, friends family etc.) are urging me to carbload before the race! They said I never did a full Ironman before and if I don't take carbs one week before and during the race I'll run the risk of hypoglycemia and comma! Dear Dr. Berg! First of all, I would like to thank you for your incredible support!!! Half medal is yours!!! You helped me enormously with your advise (videos, blogs, instagram etc) on keto!!! Just have a look at my results (attached) how I gradually increased my pace during the race while the others slowed down! I passed 85 athletes in the bike and 405 athletes (!!!) in the run!!! I had unbelievable keto energy!!! When I finished I could easily run another 21km easily!!! Also, I don't feel pain in my legs or anywhere else! Keto is highly anti-inflammatory!!! I would like to do an interview-podcast with Dr. Berg to tell him my experience and how he helped me achieve the impossible!!!

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