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Sylvia LeftinShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Sylvia Leftin

It is with a grateful heart tha I report a 40 pound weight loss a renewed and hopeful spirit and an energy level equal to non other of my 76 year old contemporaries. While I continue toseek healing from being rear ended by a Chevy Silvarodo Pick up truck a year and a half ago, I literally was able to “dance circles” around my living room(take tap & hiphop) despite excruciating and almost debilitating pain:-(. My KETO journey started in June of 2017 when after pushing mysel to finish up a 3/4 time job, I literally dragged mysslf out of bed and plopped down in a stupor in my living room easy chair unable to even pick up the clutter atound me. I was so drpleted. The only thing I had the energy to do was to check out YouTube on my iPhone. I don’t even know what words I put on the search bar, but before I knew it I had landed on a Dr. Berg’s Healthy KETO video!!. I guess you’d say, the rest is history. One by one I learned that all those”remedies” suggested by my doctors not only didn’t help, BUT THEY EVEN MADE THINGS EORSE. For example, one doctor, who later saw the light himsrlf(went into naturalistic, holistic healing), prescribed 800 mg of Ibuprophen for my outrageous back pain...... that was before mylittle Corolla was totalled by the distracted driver!! This “cure” was most likely the cause of stomach erosions so bad I had to withdraw from an important State sponsored training in my fueld. That was about 5-6 weeks before the accident. Needless to say, my body was already in flight or fight mode. The God sent “turn around” came a year later as I was sitting in my living room , as mentioned above, having just finished a year long stint as an ESL Teacher in 5 schools in 3 cities with a 60 mile commute daily. I was particularly interest in burning the “pizza crust,” around my belly, and discovering which nutrient deficiencies underlay my state of exhaustion!! On by one I dded Dr. Berg’s Raw Green . Grass Wheat Juice Powder, his electrolytes, snd his nutritionsl yeast which came to me along with his Books when I ordered the KETO KIT. I even made a video in July after having begun the supplenents a few werks before. I was not only losing weight but feeling energized and hopeful. Now I take the electrolyte, Nutritional Yeast . I’ gradually added Gall Bladder Suppirt, Adrenal Support, Sleep Aid, Trace Minerald D3&K2, Cruciferous capsules, Spirulina, Chloella, D. Berg’s Sea Kelp, Vitamin C Palmitate. I breathe better at night( sleep apnea) so I shed my C Pap during the sticky New England Summer. I’ll be re tested soon to see if I need to go back to the mask agsin. Another amazing result is that despite being drpleted of Viramin D for years, I recently got my blood work back and my D level is WAY above normal. Regarding my pain level: that is my dilemma now because the whiplash injury has been kicking up both my arms, hands, and shoulders. I tried Dr. Berg’s Massage tool plus seek out massage type therapy both individually and professionally. Finding a Corrective Chiropractor has been my next quest. I’m about to start that in a few weeks. But the joy in my spirit, the reduced body size, the reversal of craving carbs , and the improved energy level have given me a new lease on life and for tat I sm grateful. Thank you Dr. Berg and Karen for your live and dedication to us alland thank you for “ hanging out” with us on Friday mornings and answering all those questions!! Thank you also for doing the phenominal KETO CONFERENCE in Maryland in aoctober. I was sooo inspired that I felt led to write you a poem:/)!! Today I will start my KETO COACH Training Course. Oh, and by the wsy, without even taking that course I have had the pleasure of finding out that my former Executive Director of a little school in Mongolia( where ai volunteered years ago) took my advice and she and her Mom lost over 25 pounds each on the KETO LIFE STYLE. And as if that were not enough, another ling term ftiend in the States checked out your videos snd she had lost over 50 pounds the last time I checked. So keep up YOUR GOOD WORK. It means so much to so many!!! PS: The pictures may be mixed up. The fattest before picture of me in a white tunic blouse with my brother is probably the best before picture. The best recent picture is probably the onewith me in blue next to my Chinese student!! Thanx, Sylvia

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