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Let me start by saying, I owe it all to you and thank you so much for changing my life. It all started last November when I watched your video and I wanted to try IF.

I was 262 pounds, not a blimp but I could lose some weight. The tragedy started right after when I participated in a fatty liver study, needless to say, I had a fatty liver like many people and they did a biopsy to see if I qualify for further studies. Right after that, I had some excruciating pain during Christmas, and I thought it was the liver (right side pain) but when I went to urgent care and they did a CAT Scan and found a lesion in my liver that was 5 cm large. There was a little concern so I was referred to a GI.

In January, another CT scan and the lesion got larger (7cm). By then, I had lost 40 pounds so they were concerned, but I told them I started IF back in November, but they still were concerned about the growing mass in my liver and my spleen was also enlarged. So I was referred to an oncologist, and a second biopsy (targeted biopsy) was performed and samples were sent to UCLA for analysis.

To make the story short, I was bounced back to Rheumatology and was diagnosed with IGG4 an autoimmune disease, newly discovered in 2018 I think, all that while I'm still doing the IF. I am on the 18-6 regiment religiously exercising regularly, and I feel I'm in the best shape of my life, I'm down to 210 lb, I had lost a total of 52 pounds since last November. So in my Rheumatology visit, I suggested to the doctor why don't get another CT scan and see where this is progressed to. Because they all seemed to be puzzled about the nature of this liver mass, they ran more blood tests and ordered a CT scan which I went to yesterday, and I got the email notification that the results were posted online and when I looked at them I was in awe and I'm gonna copy and paste the part concerning the lesion in question for you:" HEPATIC FINDINGS: Appearance: A previously identified segment VI/VII hepatic lesion has markedly involuted and is now difficult to measure, with peripheral regions of transient attenuation differences (4:19 through 30). On 1/21/21 it measured at 7 x 5.1 x 4.9 cm."

I had to look at the medical terms to understand exactly what that means, basically, as I suspected, my liver has healed itself because I was allowing it to recuperate for 18 hours every day for the past almost a year. I haven't had a confirmation from the doctors yet, they're supposed to call me and discuss the findings, but I'm in such joy that I had to share my story with you because you had a lot to do with it. I thank you again.

If you wish to share this, I can supply you with evidence of 3 separate CT scan results for comparison, lots of blood tests showing my kidney is functioning better (EFGR tests were in the red for years and now they are clear) a thyroid test that shows it got reversed I have all that. Oh and I'm 63 years old BTW.

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5264 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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