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By: Jasdeep Singh

India consists of two major geographies: North and South. In North we consider cow as an avatar of God. Despite many people religious beliefs the Indus valley civilization from where this idea originates used to consume a lot of beef. They consider cows as avatars of God due to the extreme nutrition their products provide. When you move to South the story changes a bit and coconut starts taking form as a Gift from God. We start every auspicious occasion with breaking of a coconut. Somehow these beliefs were overtaken by not so honest profit seeking food companies. I also fell into this trap. I'm 5'5. I was a little over 85 kgs five months ago when I decided to take route of healthy eating. Your channel was my primary source of information and I just wanna say thank you. My weight now fluctuates between 56 to 62 kgs. I'm a marathon runner and the fittest person in office(I work for Amazon). Though I do not do a complete ketogenic diet(I drink a lot of coconut water) your principles of intermittent fasting(which Hindu religion actually promotes) and low carb helped not only me but my father also who had a diabities scare. I lost my Grandfather to diabetes and my maternal Grandfather to type III diabetes. I'm sure you receive a lot of heartfelt thank yous from all around the world. Kindly accept this appreciation from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Note: The before photo is actually when I lost about 8kgs. I simply do not have a before photo of that.

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