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By: Bert Rountree

In October of 2007 I weighed 225 lbs with a goal to lose 40 lbs in 15 weeks. I counted calories and exercised like a madman. After 20 weeks I had only lost 29 lbs, which sounds great but for the effort and minimal return over the last several weeks, I spent. On May 31, 2015 I weighed even more @ 233.5 lbs. This time I fell for the Isagenix hoopla and bought in. I lost 32.5 lbs over 11 weeks. Again, not bad but not sustainable. The last three weeks of that diet I only lost 2.5 lbs. Do you remember my comment about exercising like a madman? Well, I went full lunatic regarding workouts and even logged over 35,000 steps (yep, thousand) in one day. I was once again spent and extremely frustrated. I had logged over 290,000 steps and covered in excess of 139 miles with only 2.5 lbs lost to show for it. I had tried the Atkins diet years earlier with marginal success, so when I heard about the Keto diet, I noticed some similarities though I later learned just how different the Keto diet was from the 'New Diet Revolution." On November 28, 2020 I clocked in at a whopping 250 lbs, due in no small part to Thanksgiving. It was the most I had ever weighed. I dug deeply into the why and wherewithal of the Keto diet using YouTube and finally settling on your, Thomas DeLauer's, and Dr. Becky's channels. I quickly outgrew Dr. Becky but appreciated your and Thomas's willingness to explain the physiological details behind it all. Armed with information I set off to make a difference in my life beginning December 1, 2020 with not only Keto on the agenda, but "clean" or "healthy" Keto with absolutely no cheating. The goal was not only to lose fat/weight, but to become fat-adapted. My first target was 50 lbs and that seemingly impossible number below 200. I used Carb Manager to methodically track everything I ate, an Apple watch to log my physical activities, and the Withings scale, thermometer, and blood pressure cuff along with the Keto Doc blood meter to track my vitals, each and every day until I broke 200, then changing to weekly monitoring. Every week we logged measurements in the app "Progress." In 12 weeks I lost 50lbs and was finally under the 200 number. I set another goal of 10 lbs, then another. So far I have lost a total of 67.3 lbs and as of this writing weigh 182.7 lbs with my sites set on 170. Actual averaged daily macros during this diet include: Net Carbs 14.3g (3.63%), Protein 73.7g (18.66%), and Fat at 136.4g (77.72%). BHB stays solidly between 1.5 and 3mmol with occasional dips if I've consumed any alcohol, though recovery is quick. Besides the weight/fat loss, I no longer suffer from Acid Reflux, the persistent cough is gone (had it for over six months), my blood pressure isn't high and is perpetually in the "green" range, I have way more energy, less joint and back pain, less bloating and gas, improved cognitive abilities, significantly improved endurance, and I have not been sick even once since starting this endeavor. The highlight of my week was having to purchase 36w Slim Fit jeans. Thanks for the great videos and keep them coming!

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