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In just over 17 months I have lost 55kg/120lbs.

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By: Mariza S.

My name is Mariza Steyn from Cape Town, South Africa. In just over 17 months I have lost 55kg/120lbs. I have documented a lot of my journey on Instagram @motivate_mari. I have been struggling with my weight since I left high school 19 years ago. I have tried a lot of diets and spent a lot of money on diets and dieticians etc. over this time period. A couple of years ago "The Banting diet" took South Africa by storm and ever since then has divided opinions around the dinner tables in our country. I also started to follow "The Banting diet" as per the book co-authored by Prof Tim Noakes. A lot of people got great results from eating low carb but I was one of those people that did not see the scales more although I felt much better and realized that the overall principles should be right. After starting banting/lchf in March 2017 again and only losing about 2kg in the first month I watched the entire court case of Prof Noakes on youtube (videos are all available) and going through all the science in detail. It was only then that I discovered Keto. Still not knowing completely what to do I stumbled across your youtube videos and a new world opened up to me. I did your body type test and it was another aha moment for me. I started tracking my carbs mid-April 2017 and realised that it was too high (although low carb). By the start of May, I started to keep my carbs under 20g a day and started to see a dramatic change in weight. I lost 8kg/17lbs in that month alone. I was astonished. I did not have cravings, I did not feel hungry - it was amazing. Mentally and physically I really started to feel so much better. I have most certainly gained my life back thanks to your videos Dr Berg!

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