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By: David L Graves

In June when my second daughter was born I weighed in at 331.2 an all time high for me. Listening to JackoPodcast someone asked him what the best way to lose fat was and he said Keto. It was a 15 second answer, but it got me looking into it. My wife and I both have degrees in physical therapy, so we realized quickly that keto flew in the face of what we had learned. However, Dr Berg's clear explanation of the biochemistry behind ketosis convinced me to give it a go. I dropped about 40 pounds in the first 4 months. I got stuck at about 292 for about 2 months, but have recently started losing again. I'm currently weighing in at 284.6. I've got a long way to go still (220), but keto and intermittent fasting are completely sustainable lifestyle choices, so I'm confident I'll get there. Thank you for your great content!

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