My Dr. said I am one of the few people he knows to reverse diabetes.


By: Russel Allen

In January of 2016, I weighed 298 lbs, wearing size 44 jeans. I lost 50 lbs. by cutting back on chips, flour tortillas, Sunny D, and tequila. I gained 14 lbs. by August. In August I saw Dr. Berg's "why apple cider vinegar really works". I thought I would give it a try for my arthritis in both knees. I had been on a cane for 10 years. After taking ACV, 3 days, when I got up on the 4th day, the pain was gone. I had been putting off knee replacements for years and I'm sure glad I did. I started watching other Dr. Berg videos and decided to try giving up sugar and follow a keto diet. I went from 264lbs in August to 178 lbs. and size 32 jeans in April. 86 lbs. in 8 months without working out. I am now off the 2 medications for knee pain, 2 blood pressure medications( blood pressure now 127/72) and my Dr. said I am one of the few people he knows to reverse diabetes. I feel so good now, I will never go back to eating like before. 2 weeks ago I weighed 173, less than I wanted, so I increased my protein and am back at 178. Thank You Dr Berg, your advise has improved my health and quality of life more than most could imagine!

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