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Bryan Lefebvre Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Bryan Lefebvre

In August 2018 I weighed 288 lbs and developed what I now know was probably Fat Storing Hormone resistance. I didn't know what it was at the time but I knew that becoming so lethargic that a nap was practically forced during the middle of the day after eating a meal was not good. I do not cook. But keto has lots of little to no cooking required options and I guessed that it would stabilize my blood sugars as I suspected that had something to do with my forced napping. I went keto at first. Some occasional slips ups here and there, but at least consistently low carb. Made it down to 222. Felt great, better energy, sharper mind, better sleep, more motivation for life in general. January 2019 got a new job, had some more social eating slip ups put ten pounds back on. Got angry. Did a 72 hour fast in May. Discovered this channel and OMAD. Progress resumed. Currently doing the 72 hours fast with Thomas Delauer. Down to 214 today, a new record low for me. Thinking about just continuing until I can't grab my belly fat anymore contingent of course on weather or not I develop any symptoms. Thanks for all the info you put out there. My wheat grass is in the mail, I am curious to give it a try. Keep up the great channel and have a nice day! V/R Bryan Lefebvre P.S. I don't have skype.

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