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Rosie Grubb Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Rosie Grubb

In April of 2017, After much praying about our weight, God placed Dr. Eric Berg in my path on Face Book! I had never heard of him before or anything about Keto. I was skeptical at first, as there are many people out there only in it for the money and not really helping people! I watched a lot of videos to learn about Keto, and how to apply it and what to stop eating, and start eating. By May 20, 2017 I was ready to pitch it to my husband who was borderline diabetic! I had to pray he would do this diet with me. Well, answered prayers! A woman at our church notices dark spots around his ankles, not surprised! He ate processed sugar on everything! Plus drank a 6 pack of diet soda daily since way before I knew him. After we married I asked him to quit drinking it but he refused! Well the woman scared him and said her husband is in a lot of pain and is diabetic. So it was the perfect way for met to talk about Dr. Berg and the Keto diet. My husband agreed to do this with me and I was so happy it was answered prayer! I got to work getting every single processed food we had out of our cabinets, and stored shelving. We donated it to the homeless mission. I started ordering grass fed beef, steaks and healthy pork raised on farms. We don’t do a lot of chicken, but I do love wings! I made a Chile that is our go to a lot it’s spicy and I use onions, zucchini, diced tomatoes, bacon grease, lots of spices to make it so flavorful and spicy. I use it to make taco’s our fav! I use cheese to make the taco shells. We had to go through keto flu to purge all the junk in our system which is normal. After a few weeks of just doing keto and only drinking water, we really noticed a difference losing inches and weight. In about 8-9 months my husband lost 117 pounds, and I lost 85. People wanted to know what we were doing, and I always share Dr. Berg’s videos! Dr. Check ups were outstanding as we are over 60 years plus old and never been on medication and never want to be on medication. They wanted to know what we’re were doing and they said they know other doctors on Keto. Now my husband & I have lots of energy we need to do a lot for our church and we do events as well. We can run up and down our stairs now where before we could barely walk we were so heavy. We don’t have any aches and pains so we can keep up with younger folks now! It’s a life change for us and we will never go back to carbs and processed sugars. I make my own bread that is 2 carbs for the entire loaf and I use Anthony’s Vital Wheat Gluten. It’s healthy and Harvard reported there is no scientific proof that gluten is bad! So until there is proof, it’s needed to make delicious breads with oat fiber and flax seed meal. Been making it now for the past 2 years and we don’t have any issues from it. I’ve just joined an aquatics group and go swimming every other day near our home in order to stay strong by doing laps. We are very thankful to God who placed Dr. Berg in my path for weight loss and healthy eating! Thank Dr. Berg for your videos, and Facebook posts, and all you do to help and encourage people to stick with it. We want to be disease free, have clarity of mind with lots more energy. God Bless you Dr. Berg! We love you! Rosie & Rod Grubb Las Vegas, Nevada

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