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By: Tamara Altizer

In April of 2016 at 250 lbs., and after a lifetime of tragedies, I had pancreatitis for the 3rd time after suffering for a number of years from severe triglycerides, cholesterol and other diseases such as fatty liver, irritable bowel syndrome, a hernia, acid reflux disease, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, an eating disorder of overeating and very low energy. At this time the doctor that I saw in the hospital which was the 2nd time that I had seen him because I had been in there before for Pancreatitis told me that if I didn't get myhealth straight that I wasn't gonna be around for very much longer and reminded me that I needed to be there for my kids. He told me to do and low carb, low fat, low sodium diet and to avoid red meat and pork, saturated fats, trans fats and to lose 100 pounds. I didn't know how I would do it but through prayer and making a choice that I knew I wanted and needed to be there for my children I made the changes he told me to make and lost 63 pounds in less than a year. The next year I started experiencing symptoms of menopause and became extremely fatigued and didn't understand what was going on and started seeing my family doctor and my entrochronologist. After about 3 weeks of fatigue I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I began researching what to if you had a thyroid condition and learned things to avoid like soy and began to change my diet even more than I had previously and started doing gluten-free because I understood that a thyroid condition can be auto-immune and that I needed to cut my carbs back even more which was extremely hard for me because carbs were my weakness. It was around this time that I began to learn about Keto. I started trying to do Keto twice but quickly learned that I was doing it wrong and ended up with some health complications as a result of that. I finally got started doing it the right way after discovering about my cousin in California who was on Keto and had lost a tremendous amount of weight and reversed many of his health conditions as result I started using him as a guide and it was then that he told me about Dr. Berg and some other online resources that he had found helpful and I began doing those but wasn't seeing any weight loss. I had gained weight as a result of the Hypothyroidism and Menopause and quickly began to learn that I had Fat Storing Hormone resistance. After doing more research on Fat Storing Hormone resistance started taking cinnamon, chromium, green tea and COQ10 and began to see a lot of results along with a ton of prayer. I've been on the Keto program now 15 months and am just now starting to get on track to losing weight again and getting on the correct thyroid medication for me after consulting again with my doctor regarding how I felt.

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