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By: mustafa can

in 2015, i read your book 7 principles of fat burning and at that time i had just started going to the gym.With those advice, i burned fat and added muscle mass.First transformation happened in 1 year."After image" is my current shape.As you can see, I do not have "six pack" abs.If I continue to lose weight, I will also lose some of my muscles and I will look smaller.Besides, I see my fat tissue as an insurrance in body body.I can not fight with nature.Otherwise, I lose everytime.I like this shape.At first, I used to use supplements like protein powder, bcaa or glutamin but I realized that none of them was as efficient as real food and I can definitely tell you that the only product worked for me was creatine(without any flavour).I have a website where I try to help people.If I made any mistakes up to this point, sorry, English is not my mother tongue.

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