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By: Lindsey Echols

In 2008 I lost my first love he was killed in a fire fight serving in Afghanistan. Losing him sent me into a downward spiral. I masked my pain with FOOD. Thyroid cancer took half my thyroid, so goodbye fast metabolism. Unhealthy eating habits and failed diets went on for years, I slowly packed on 80lbs. My last pregnancy caused crippling PP depression, something else I tried to deny. I was missing moments with my kids then it CLICKED: they deserved the best version of me! Started Keto in April 2017. I’ve officially lost 75lbs! Jan 2017 at my heaviest 230lbs and Jan 2018 155lbs. I’m off meds, eat more veggies, exercise, and know my body 100% NO supplements. Believe me you CAN heal yourself w food! It’s not about the thin girl in the mirror, it’s about how she feels inside. I’m a better daughter, mom, and wife than ever. Keto WORKS. I am more in tune with my body than I ever was before! More energy, clearer head, and better Dr. check-up results. Starting Tip: Stick w it make it your own version, do what works until it doesn’t & try again. The beauty of a weight loss story is that it’s YOUR journey don’t let anyone tell you how that starts/ends. I love helping others and giving advice. I document our meals, snacks, tips, grocery lists & vacation meals to give ideas! Take pictures of your progress, calculate your measurements, and be proud of what you accomplish, not all victories involve scales! Give yourself credit throughout the process and don't wait until the end to start celebrate. You are capable!

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