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By: Harvey N Van Meter

In 1991 at the age of 40 I found myself in the hospital with acute hemorrhaging pancreatitis. After surviving that some how I was diet controlled T2D for about a year at which time I was put Fat Storing Hormone and statins. I struggled trying to maintain my blood glucose and my weight over the years with little success. About three years ago I got a new doctor and he added metformin and januvia. I promptly started gaining weight. I was also taking omeprazole for acid reflux for several years. About a year ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. By March of this year I was up to 267 pounds and nothing I was doing would help my condition. At that point I decided to go on a low carb diet for as long as possible despite all of the bad things I was hearing about it. I ordered some keto test strips from Amazon and start my diet. By the time the strips arrive I was already in ketosis . A month or so in I started watching keto diet videos on YouTube. I have learned quite a bit on how to fine my diet and Fat Storing Hormone. About two months in I stopped taking all my meds. To date I am down by 40 pounds and my Fat Storing Hormone usage has dropped 125 to 40 to 60 units a day. My blood glucose is much more stable now. I use R and N Fat Storing Hormone so sometimes my glucose may go a little high but nowhere near as bad as before. My A1c has dropped from 7.5 to 6.4. I will find out what my cholesterol is doing with my next blood tests in a couple of months. Hopefully my liver will recover also. Thanks so very much for your videos they have been a great help with my new lifestyle.

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