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By: Sergio Alejandro Nery Kameta

Im sending again this because i forgot to put my height and age. - Im 32 years old - Im 176 centimeters tall (i dont know how U.S.A. measure height sorry) - I went with a Nutritionist for a Standar Diet for the first 20 days aprox, but then i saw you and i believed everything you said and now i know you are the best doctor around youtube. - i was 138.5 kilograms (305 pounds) and now im at 94.7 kilograms (208 pounds). - Diet started at April 05-2018 (now in september 05-2018 im exactly 5 months later). - i will continue the diet - i have a journal/diary of everything i eat, how i feel, and how much i walked (i only walked, no other exercise) and i will gladly send it to you just tell me where or send me an e-mail to - English isnt my native language, but is my second language, so anything you want to ask or tell im always there via e-mail or skype (i dont have an account yet but i will. - I was taking 2 pills a day of Janumet 850/50 Metformin for my diabetes (not anymore). - i was taking 2 pills of Micardis 40mg for my high blood pressure (not anymore. - i was taking 1 pill of Crestor 10mg for high colesterol (not anymore) - And i hope i didnt forget anything now, well i just hope you like the photos, anything you want to know im always available. And thank you very much, your youtube videos saved my life!

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