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By: Harley Shellhammer

Im an actor who suffered a bad accident in 2010. I've lost all blood flow to my right leg due to a blood clot that was missed. It damaged the entire Venus system and now I have stents placed throughout my lower body, and have had several veins closed. 8 years later, I've had 13 procedures to help me but Ive put on 70lbs. This weight gain has hurt me as an actor and my life style. Im not able to work out per Drs orders, so it's made the situation that much more difficult. I watched several friends start Keto and they pushed me to do it, but I refrained due to fears with my current health status. In September, I shaved off my beard for the fist time in almost a year, and saw the weight gain. It drove me to start Keto on the spot, and fully emerse myself. The first week was a little rough, and I was still learning what I could and couldn't eat. I got a app and began immediately recording everything. Its now been just over a month and I've seen over 25lbs loss! And I'm still going hardcore, but, I have noticed a few issues. I can't consume much Vitamin K, and I/m on a blood thinner, Xarelto. I already have cramping issues due to the lack of blood flow in my right leg, but I seem to be having more lately. I'm gonna up my electrolytes and magnesium to see if that helps. I watch all your videos and Keto Connect. Thanks for all you do, but my story isn't done yet, I'm just starting...

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