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By: Priscila

I would like to begin by saying that I've only been on the ketogenic diet for 2.5 months and that is what the photos reflect, I'm not done yet. I've lost 26 lbs so far and I feel great! I mean, not only with how I'm looking on the outside, but I feel great health wise. At age 28 I begun to feel sick every single week. I would start shaking and a lot of times my vision would go black and I would lose balance and I had no idea why. My blood pressure would spike to 160s, I had migraines every week and I had acid reflux as well as a lot of pain in my stomach to the point it would keep me up at night. Then my mom, who is diabetic and was trying to come off Fat Storing Hormone, sent me a video of Dr, Berg explaining Fat Storing Hormone resistance and as I was trying to help her I kept hearing him mention this keto diet and I kept thinking "what in the world is this diet?" So I became obsessed with learning with Dr. Berg and that's when I decided I needed to do this for myself. I no longer have any of those symptoms, I mean, they literally went away! I can fast for long hours without feeling hungry and the diet itself made my life easier because I'm a busy mom and I don't have time to be thinking about eating 6 times a day! I'm as healthy as I've ever been, my hormonal levels are changing and this even reflects in my menstrual cycle, it's crazy but a good kind of crazy lol....I will never go back to eating refined carbs, gluten, sugar and all the other junk ever again! By the way, my husband loves to garden and raise chicken, which I HATED with all my being, and now that I'm educated I actually love it and can appreciate all he does.

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