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By: Duffy Williams

I would just like to start by thanking you for your dedication and passion towards nutrition, and your generosity to giving so freely of all of your hard work and information that you gathered. I grew a great deal like Dr. Berg, I am a junkfood junkie! I had my own Coke cooler as a kid and candy drawer that was unregulated, the only thing I remember eating as a kid was Reese‘s peanut butter cups and Cheetos. Then of course later cheeseburger fries and a Coke from any fast food restaurant was my favorite meal, or pizza. I did not like vegetables of any kind. I have type two diabetes high blood pressure, I have suffered from depression and anxiety most of my adult life, have been hospitalized twice for it. I started following you years ago but not very seriously to understand about diabetes, but May 28, 2019, I decided to embark on your keto diet.I have never felt better in my whole life, I have lost 30 pounds and my blood sugars have come down from 300 to an average of 135, my mood is very stable, blood pressure is better, and I’ve stopped taking all of my prescription medication, I do take a ton of your supplements. I want to stay in this lifestyle for the rest of my life, I generally watch your YouTube’s every day,Learning as much as I can. I believe that I have an adrenal body type, I do not handle stress very well, that’s something I greatly desire to fix. And of course I do have a belly that is covering my liver so maybe it is a combination of liver And adrenal. So from the bottom of my heart I think you! God bless you for all your hard work and dedication towards helping people.

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