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By: Paul Jackson

I went to see my doctor in April. He had me jump on the scales and although I knew I was getting a little fat I was surprised with my weight. Over 98kgs. So over May I cut out desserts and dropped to around 93. In late May I got talking to a friend about weight loss. He sent me a few links, Dr Fung, you, Joel Furnham, and nutrition facts. In early June I started intermittent fasting and as of yesterday I am now 77.1kg which is a BMI for me of under 23. I'm going back to my doctor this week just to check k all my vitals are still good. Funnily enough people have been advising me not to lose weight too fast but when I question them as to way, they can't answer me. So if you have any advice around that, please do a video on it. Also some info on what weight is the optimum would be good as the BIM range is quite large. Cheers from New Zealand Paul

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