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Murray Pooley Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Murray Pooley

I went from from 250 pound to 185 in 5 months by eating less, stopping sugar and decreasing the intake of processed grain and hypoglycemic food in general. until it reached zero. Then I found Dr. Berg on YouTube. I am now rigidly ketonic, eat once a day after my workout, and my 40 page medical report has me as green flagged on every health marker. My lung age is rated = to a fit 47, My metabolic age rated at a fit 43. Oh yeah, by the way, I joined a gym for the first time in my life 5 months ago, then changed to CrossFit 3 months ago and just finished the Crossfit Open in the Male 60+ category. I am 64 and gained 3rd place in my country. (Ireland) I will win it in October. I am 9 years older than the next oldest member of my local CrossFit, there is 200 odd members and my score from the Open rate me as the 21st fittest in the club. Those above me average 33,5 years old. Does keto work? Do bears shit in the woods? Sorry about that but you guys are American. One thing I find hard to find is keto info targeted at the athlete, particularly old ones like me with the growth hormone on the downward slope. The fat / protein / cruciferous vegetable ratio for someone of my age who works out 4 times a week and often physically works. Most info is targeted at the average, or at woman. Like I am not in ever likely to be in menopause, at least I hope not in this lifetime..

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