I went from 215 lb to 170 lb. in 4 months.

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By: Bo E.

I started my weight loss journey in February of 2017. I felt horrible. My blood sugar issues would cause shaking, nausea and sweating out of the blue. I'd have to scarf down food to feel better. Then I'd feel guilty for the food I just ate. As my wife and I moved into our 50s (and a grandbaby on the way), our haste to change things and get healthy became priority! My wife found Dr. Berg online, and we've never looked back. We've both lost between 45 and 50 pounds each WITHIN 4 MONTHS. We feel younger and have more energy than ever. Our clarity of mind has improved measurably! We love Keto and IF. To us, It's a lifestyle, not a diet. It has become second nature. We can't thank Dr. Berg enough for taking the time to create the videos that have led us to our healthy lives.

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