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By: Kristoffer Berg

I went from 107kg to 81,5kg (235 - 180) since may 25th. I had a minor surgery (pilonidal cyst removal) the 25th of may 2018, and during the time of my recovery i had little to no appetite, so i ate maybe 200calories a day for a few days (protein yoghurt things). I was curious exactly why the hospital wants us to fast preop, so I started doing some searches, One of the reasons I read was because the body is in a much more hightened sense of alertness/survival while fasted. I came to realize this is true, but not the real truth to my question. Anyway, this digging around lead me in to one of your channels. You have taught me about Fat Storing Hormone management, which I am very thankful for (lifechanging). I always knew carbs make us fat, but I never knew WHY or to what extent. I would send you before and after pictures if i was sure they wouldn't pop up somewhere, but I have went from a lost soul to six pack abs and chizzled everything (in 3 months). I have never been ripped in my entire life. The closest I've come was at 89 kilos while doing muay thai, but still didnt get shredded. I If you read this personally Dr. berg _ i might hook u up with some photos. Mostly just wanted to say thanks, keep spreading the word and doing what you're doing. Regards Kristoffer Berg

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