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I want everyone to feel as great as I do!

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By: Rebecca Archer

I was told once that I had “bored housewife disease”, I was referred to a psychologist for my hypochondria, I knew my “adrenals were messed up” but how or why, I had no idea. I knew I had a “problem with blood sugar” but how to fix it was a mystery. I knew I had an electrolyte imbalance but how to fix that was beyond me. I knew I had a fungus problem - “allergic” to mold and dust but my allergy tests came back “normal”! In fact, ALL my tests came back normal. “You aren’t sick.” they told me. But I hurt, sometimes very much! I’m foggyheaded. I don’t feel like “me”. I drag myself through what I HAVE to do and go to bed the rest of the time. I figured my life was over at 39. I dragged myself through my 40’s and 50’s. My 60th birthday is in 2 weeks and I feel better today than when I was 25! I used to be afraid of even trying my coffee without cream and sugar LOL AFRAID of trying it! Since I have changed my diet dramatically by eating Keto for a year and a half and then eating Carnivore for a month, here are some benefits that have happened. Why would I ever, ever, ever go back? And what on earth was I afraid of? I will try to start at the top and work my way down. Some of this might be TMI so read with caution LOL 1. Stronger, thicker, shiny hair. Amazing at my age. 2. Dramatically decreased earwax. I told you it might get gross. Sinus issues are diminished-less to zero pseudoephedrine needed. 3. Clearer thinking! No more brain fog! 4. Teeth are whiter and I don’t have what I used to call “sweaters“ on them anymore. Breath seems better even without brushing (which I still brush of course and floss!) 5. Need for deodorant diminished! Check me out and tell me if I’m wrong! Please! 6. Much, much clearer skin, wrinkles are less, skin tags are dissolving, I’m not going to need surgery to remove extra skin. 7. My back does not hurt anymore! The rib that was out seems to be calming down which caused constant pain and even numbness. Since my bust is smaller, my upper back does not hurt constantly as before. 8. Most fibromyalgia symptoms are basically gone! I have much more energy! I can work long days and put in a good workout at the gym and still make it through till bedtime! 9. Cravings are gone. Hunger is gone except when I know a meal is coming up soon. I can even walk past chocolate! This is huge for me! 10. My belly fat is down. My visceral fat is in normal range! I wear size 6/8 which before I was 14/16 or extra large because I would not buy that big size LOL 11. My chronic UTIs have disappeared. I can pee like a normal person again most of the time! No more fungal infections. 12. My knee pain is disappeared. I had a weird injury to both knees 30 years ago that was causing great discomfort. Everything is fine now! 13. I upped my weights at the gym again! Even though my workout consists of a plain, 30 minute, 2-sets-of-10 on each machine, certainly nothing fancy, 2/3 times a week my muscles are amazing for my age! I never thought I’d have biceps like this! 14. After 30 years of basically not, I feel like myself again! I don’t feel like a stranger to myself anymore. 15. Anxiety levels are down! No more panic attacks! Blood pressure is down. I’m on zero medications! 16. No more ibuprofen or naproxen! Aches and pains that ruled my world are gone! 17. My rings (which were too tight to wear) fall off! Edema (water retention) is GONE! 18. Wake up without alarm and get fairly good sleep! 19. Just added because I just realized that the heart palpitations are GONE!!! They were terrifying because they seemed to come and go at odd times “for no reason”. They are gone! 20. And if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve lost 60 lbs and am ALMOST to my goal weight! 21. Hot flashes are GONE! After 20 years of embarrassing, makeup removing, hair dripping, gross, nasty, sweaty yuck, I am free from them! The goals when I started were for my knees, my back, my blood pressure… And I have accomplished all of these things! And more! My journey of success started on October 31, 2018. This isn’t some sort of instant fix. Although, I must say, things did happen a lot faster than I thought they would! Before, I would calculate 4 pounds lost per month and just groan at how long it was going to take me to lose the weight! But then I would end up gaining instead of losing! I am what they call a “resistant loser”. My body just won’t let go without a fight! Even now, my goal weight dangles in front of me like the carrot on the stick! I fully believe that the overuse of Fat Storing Hormone is killing our countrymen. Stop the sugar first. Stop the processed foods next. Change your oils. Sleep more. Walk a little every day. I want everyone to feel as great as I do!

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