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I was the person who loves food and with a body type that even without over eating would put on weight. I never lost weight and always kept putting on. When ever i saw the scale jumping a kilo up, i would say to myself "Ok this is my weight now and I would not go up". But slowly the scale started showing bigger numbers and I said the same to myself everytime. On Oct 1, 2017, something struck me and I joined the gym and started caring the food i ate. it quickly showed the change on the scale and motivated me. By Oct 20, 2017, learned enough and watched many of Dr. Berg's videos to know about KETO DIET and jumped on this great way of eating. Yes, I have falling of Keto twice until now as i had to travel abroad but quickly got back to ketosis once i am back. I have lost 38 kgs (84 lbs) in less than 6 months. More than losing weight, my body is getting into a good shape and the energy level is always high and no more laziness. I feel young and ready to run a marathon. The most important thing I learend from Dr.Berg's video is that weight is not the primary tool to measure your success. Analyse how you feel and Believe in yourself.

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