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By: Jonni Ricard

i was shown Dr. Berg's videos by a friend after suffering Gall Bladder attacks and after having fallen down a flight if stairs not once but twice in a week. I thought it might help me. I didnt start but watched a bunch of yoyr videos. My Dad died about a month later. He was 86 and over 300 lbs. he was wheelchair bound and tge edema in his legs was so sever the skin on his legs was all torn up and weeping. both legs were wrapped up like casts due to the severe tearing. He was on all kind of medications and medication could no longer due anything about his congestive heart failure. He was drowning internally. That is no way to live and made me dtadt thinking of quality if life. It also was the first time I had been able to weigh myself in years as Dad had a scale that would go over 350lbs. i weighed 412lbs! I was shocked! I also had bad edema in my feet and ankles and my energy was out tge bottom at 46 yrs old. Dad's death was my impetus to start keto. I haven't looked back. I have lost 25 lbs without depriving myself. i love to cook and literally am the fatty in my family among 3 athletic men. My husband and sons are all fit as a fiddle. They loved everything I was cooking and I quickly found substitutes for my every craving that was "keto friendly". My energy is 3xed. My mood has improved and I made rapid work of my messy house ( I had no energy to clean). My house is now clean. I have gotten about 7 other people to start your keto and they are havibg similar results to mine. I can't see going back to my old way if eating now. I am not missing out in anything and am enjoying my new live affair with vegetables!

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