Thank you so much Dr.Berg! God bless.


By: Crystal terry

I was on Prilosec acid reflex medicine for several years. I watched one of Dr Berg's videos about ACV, and decided I was going to stop taking a medicine, because it was making me worse I was diagnosed with G.E.R.D. and I read up on the Prilosec I was taking, and realized that it caused G.E.R.D. as a side effect, so I started the ACV and within a couple of months I was able to come off my medicine I have been off that medicine for a little over a year now and I still take the ACV once a day everyday it has helped me tremendously. I went for 20 years without being able to eat bananas because of my gerd but now since taking the ACV daily I am able to eat bananas again! Thank you so much Dr.Berg! God bless.

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