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By: Jenifer

I was healthy and athletic most of my life. I had a perfect body. At 26 I got pregnant with my 1st child. I had gestational diabetes and after he was born I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I went on low calories diets and took prescription diet pills to loose weight. Then I got pregnant with my 2nd child at 29. With both pregnancies I went from 130 to 197. After the birth of my second child I tried everything I did before to loose the weight, but could not get below 175. I stayed on diet pills and low calories (though most came from carbs). I ate small snacks every hour vs eating a meal. I would even wake in the night to snack. I started keto and IF May 24th 2018. Today is July 5th 2018 and I am down to 18 lbs! I feel amazing. Dr berg has changed my life. I will eat like this forever, never going back to carbs or hourly eating.

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