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By: April MacLean

I was always putting myself last and never realized the harm.i was doing not only to my body but my mind....it wasn't until Christmas 2017 when I realized the damage I allowed to take place in my mind body and soul....I took the reins on my life and have never felt better.....dont get wrong there are still days that I am stuck inside my head and lack confidence to sometimes even want to leave my house - it's a work in progress- but over the course of these last 7 months following the KETO LIFESTYLE & the advice and knowledge and encouragement on Dr.Bergs pageI have realized I am in control of me and I know what I want....(most days anyhow haha) I have let go of so many things and am LEARNING to follow my intuition and stop letting fear guide me...I have amazing people in my life that help lift me up and believe in me for that I am forever thankful BELIEVE IN YOU - FOLLOW YOUR HEART & SURROUND YOURSELF WITH AMAZING PEOPLE.... YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

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