I am never tired. I am more focused than before, calm, i feel that all parts of my body work better now.

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By: Elias

I was always active and strong but I had a belly too, like everybody else, and I thought it was normal and even in my genes. I had 87 kg on 177cm and I thought I am normal, eating healthy, gym a few times per week, all good. Then a few years ago I had blood cancer, a bone marrow transplant, a heart attack, and a narrowing of the common iliac artery. I Survived, prescribed 7 or 8 medications (statin, etc), I was weak and tired all the time but alive and happy. It was 2016. Then I was on holiday in Greece in 2017 and I read about the side effects of medications I was on and decided to stop all of them. Felt immediately better, like 3-4 days later I was better. Then I started watching YouTube videos to find out how to stay alive without medication, and I have found Dr. Berg's video on Intermittent Fasting. It changed my life. I continued watching, immediately started skipping breakfast and a few months later started one meal per day. Three years later I am super fit and strong, eating keto and OMAD, have ten kilos less than pre-OMAD but more muscles. I do gym, swim, running, and cycle - for example, I lift 120 kg bench press and I cycle over 100 kilometers and am not even tired. Actually, I am never tired. I am more focused than before, calm, I feel that all parts of my body work better now. I feel fantastic, probably better than ever, nobody believes my age, but I am fifty years old! I will add that I love food, I cook myself and I eat a lot, but I always consumed real food and never processed food and sugars. Here you are two photos that show my belly before and after OMAD but I could send you photos where my face is visible too if needed. And don't publish this, keep it confidential, but I will tell you FYI that with keto and OMAD I have also healed IBS, hemorrhoids, and erectile dysfunction! Especially the last is important as I am married to a very fit and super beautiful woman, and sexually I literally feel and function like 20 years old :) All the best Dr. Berg and the team, your presentations literally saved my life, me and my family love you and we will be thankful to you always. God bless.

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