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Olof Boström Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Olof Boström

I was about 75kg. I had a tiny belly, I moved alot. I was in an accident with a knife, I lost my splender I almost died. 20 stabb wounds. Then they took me in and held me prison for 4 month, in what they called LPT(Compulsory psychiatric law) and then they send me to a Compulsory psychiatric care for 1 year and maybe 8 month. Then I was free to do what I want. They put me on medications and I refused, but what can you do when you have LPT. I the time I was mentally crear. I got up to 105,7kg. Then I started fasting for ramadan and I thought when I am fasting I can run in the end of my training. So I ran 2 minutes and I walked 2 minutes. At first I combined that for 10 minutes and then 15 minutes. I trained 4-6 times every wheak. And then I lost kgs by kgs. That was 1 year ago now. Today I am doing keto and intermetten fasting. Here is the picture when I was at over 100kg. And the other one is one or two month old. Now I weighs about 65kg, today. I was maybe 3kg up when I took the last picture. If you don`t want to post this it`s fine.

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