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By: Linda Raynis

I was able to go OFF METFORMIN by losing 20 pounds and following the Dr Berg KETO AND INTERMITTENT FASTING diet!!! Just Keto is not enough BUT along with a 6 hour period of meals worked for me. The KETO food I find delicious and filling so I don’t have to snack unless I feel like a handful of healthy nuts or Chia chocolate pudding or Keto Chocolate Mousse mmmmm! I really wanted off the medication and made a commitment to myself NO MORE food in a box or bag (bad carbs). And use my heathy vegetables as carbs. I make a bulletproof KETO coffee in the morning and It’s and Easy and healthy way for me to get healthy to lose the weight. It only took me two months to lose 20 pounds and stop the med. I still check my sugar once or twice a day if a little high in am I wait longer to eat a satisfying breakfast of my choice with bacon or sausage, eggs or Keto pancakes and fried in coconut Oil power greens or put the greens into a delicious Keto smoothie.. I plan to keep my A1C below 6 and stay on Keto! Thank you Dr Berg for ALL the Keto videos and healthy eating suggestions!

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