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By: Sarah Mancini

I was a yo yo dieter all my life. I tried nutrisystem, weight watchers etc. Nothing seemed to help me keep my weight off. Years went by, and I just kept getting bigger. Two kids later and add the babyweight. It was a never ending battle. Finally at 40 years old and at 215lbs, it was time. A friend of mine told me about the keto diet, and since then I havent looked back. My husband and I embarked on the journey together. We researched online, and came across Dr. Eric Berg. That was it. We religiously watched his youtube videos and we were well on our way. Fast forward 6 months , 60lbs have been lost. I am currently at 155lbs. I haven't weighed this since I was in my early twenties. The keto diet is amazing. I have not only lost weight, I have regained energy, I feel good, I sleep better. Its been my miracle. Thank you Dr. Berg.

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