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By: Yevgeniya Jane Barsukova

I was 197 now 162. I was offered a liver transplant in November 2019, in March I was offered surgery to cut out part of my stomach which makes me hungry. I had high blood pressure, high suger, fatty liver, luck of Vitamin D, anixaety attacks, depression, fatig sindrom, headeach, I can't open my eyes in the morning and can't fall asleep at night, Fat Storing Hormoneo resistent, carb addiction, bad mood, took hand fool of meds, now left with syntroid only. Lucky me I found Dr.Berg and he clearly explained Keto diet and tons of other good stuff. He looks great and make us do the same. Why none of my 8 doctors tell me about Keto? It's crazy easy, and probably they were not interested to heal me. I took blood tests before and after and do it every month just to make sure all is good without meditation. But my cholesterol is still high and I don't know what else I can do to fix it. I would be happy to have paid consultation with Dr.Betg if possible. Thank you.. 7189155590 my phone number.

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